Principles and values
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The Press Management at Itaipu Binacional must operate according to the following principles and values:

- to be ethical, responsible and transparent when planning and performing company communication actions;
- to be swift, clear and accurate when relaying information to the internal and external audiences without breaching confidentiality, as required;
- to be trustworthy, diligent and helpful when providing services to the various relationship groups (employees, contracted personnel, communication media staff, and other players involved);
- to be focused, efficient and organized in order to reach the objectives and results expected; to defend company interests, solve problems, plan and responsibly use resources, and optimize the costs of communication initiatives;
- to be competitive, technical and proactive in exploring spontaneous media and in dealing with media outlets and company in-house sources;
- to be dynamic, modern and innovating, which means being in synch with new information technologies and contributing to management strategies and those dedicated to affect changes to the company culture;
- to be engaging, motivating and outreaching, which means having the ability to engage and mobilize the in-house audience and the community in social and environmental initiatives sponsored by the company;
- to be democratic, interactive and participatory, which means encouraging the incorporation of all in-house players to the implementation of the In-house Communication Plan, ensuring they are represented and decisively participate in its development, evaluation and updating.